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Concrete countertops are truly popular among many diverse demographics. Homes that are selecting a farmhouse or maybe country vibe steer towards them, along with luxury houses that want the amount of personalization that concrete countertops Cleveland present. Cleveland Concrete‘s job is to provide the absolute best quality concrete countertops Cleveland. You will find two approaches employed in the production of these concrete countertops Cleveland. Precasting a countertop will calculate the measurements of a mold template over the job site and then retake the template and produce the countertop at our facility in Cleveland.

A template is produced on-site where you will be using this particular countertop. The template is brought to the facility in which melamine coated particle board mold is created depending on the specifications of the project. The concrete is mixed and poured to the mold, letting it become dry for about five days. The countertop undergoes finishing and curing methods that involve polishing and sealing of the beautiful countertop. For precast concrete countertops Cleveland, the countertop is equipped in regions with seams that are hard to identify. 

Meanwhile, cast in place concrete countertops Cleveland Ohio are seamless wonders produced on the work site by generating out of the mold where the countertop and pouring the cement and getting the finishing and drying is done on the site also. For this method, we produce them at your house or business where the countertop will be fitted. A mold is produced here and packed with cement and undergoes a finishing process that seals the concrete surface to prevent it from being stained or maybe discolored from regular use. A great trait of cast-in-place concrete countertops Cleveland Ohio is they are seamless, regardless of how large the top part should be.

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Concrete Countertops Cleveland Ohio

Of all the benefits of concrete countertops Cleveland Ohio is the assortment of styles. Since concrete countertops Cleveland is poured into molds, you will find numerous options and customizations for your concrete countertop. Some choose to select a slab, while others prefer to have theirs poured by making use of a built-in sink. Additionally, others choose to have drainboards produced collectively with the countertop mold. Can there be a fancy edge profile that you cannot get with other substances? Perhaps you would like a remarkably dazzling polished finish. Don’t worry because cement countertops can supply you with all this. Moreover, concrete countertops Cleveland Ohio is long-lasting. Countertops made of concrete or cement compared to granite or maybe marble might be created with long seamless spans. Gorgeous overhangs that no other substance dares to try can be made with concrete.

You’re probably wondering, how much will concrete countertops Cleveland cost you? They can cost between $75 per square foot for a basic look and decorative countertop to approximately $140 per square foot for a creatively generated countertop. The aspects that constitute what you are more likely to spend are finish and the color, the general shape, the size, the thickness, and the elements of design like backsplashes, inlays, and special edges. You can work with concrete countertops Cleveland Ohio for kitchen, bathroom, or maybe outdoor countertops. For concrete contractors Cleveland, do not hesitate to contact us.

Let’s talk about the numerous benefits of concrete countertops Cleveland. At first, they may be created and made to fit any kitchen design. Furthermore, you can’t scratch concrete, and it is also impenetrable to heat up. You can easily embed different components, like shells, glass fragments, stones, and fiber optic lighting. Concrete makes a durable and sturdy surface, that usually lasts for many years. With regular maintenance, the counter area of concrete countertops Cleveland is very easy to clean and keep. Concrete countertops Cleveland Ohio usually increases the home’s value since they are a “top-notch” material. Visit our About Us page for more details.